Trying to Conceive (TTC)

  1. ^ I put my legs up for at least 20 min after BD and avoid going to the bathroom too.

  2. The bathroom thing is to prevent UTIs. The BD can push bacteria into the urinary track which causes them. Most Dr.'s say keep the knees up for 5 minutes should do it.
  3. I have been trying for four months. I kinda of giving up my hopes. I took my temperture every morning, but I kept forgetting about it lately. I started using OPK today, I put it upside down. I don't know. I am losing my mind.
  4. Don't give up VT Pooh. I've been trying for almost 9 months now, so i can understand how you feel. It's been a roller coaster ride for me too. It can be draining emotionally and feel so alone. (((Hugs)))
  5. VT take a break if you need to... maybe try a change of scenery with a weekend trip. Maybe take up a hobby?

    I am the kind of person that when I decide to do something, that is all I think of until it is done and I am seeing how that is putting alot of pressure on me and my husband... so to get my mind off it, I started back at playing tennis. I love getting my frustrations out on the court.

    Speaking of OPK's.... I have now had a "surge" for 5 days in a row. What does this mean? Of course I threw out the instructions b/c I did them last month and thought I knew what I was doing (obviously not). So I started 7 days after my P, got three days of no surge and now I've had a surge for 5 days... I heard someone say that could be I'm pregnant, so I took a test and BFN. Did I drop another egg? Does your LH surge continue if you do get pregnant? HELP!!!
  6. best of luck everyone!
  7. Don't lose your mind.

    I am new to this but to me 4 months is not cause to give up hope. :tup:
  8. Thanks Ladies for the kind words. I will keep trying. I really want to get the TTC out of my mind.

    Tabbyo, I feel the same way, TTC just sits in my mind. Both me and my husband have a stressful job. Plus, he works on every other weekends, we can't do weekend trip much.
    BTW, you may be pregnant!! Are you late yet?? Read this link:
  9. That sounds just like me. Which is also why i'm so frustrated it's not happening yet.

    Sounds good! Maybe you should wait a few more day before doing the test again. Oh, how exciting for you. :smile:
  10. OMG... I read that TWICE and I am so completely confused :blink:. I am just going to keep testing until the surge is gone. I am using the Answer Daily OPK's they come with 20 or so test i can test into next week. I took the HPT yesterday (day 14 after AF) and it was a BFN. But from days 12-16 OPK's have tested positive. I did not have this result last month. It was only one day positive and one day light.

    Trying not to get my hopes up :sweatdrop:. I think I will be playing ALOT of tennis this week :p.
  11. Tabbyco, Yes, it is confused, just wait. But things look good. Wait and take the HPT next week. I use the Answer daily too. I haven't get the surge yet. I am on day 11. I have a long cycle bw 32 - 36 days.
  12. I read someone in a pregnancy book that stress may not necessarily affect fertility but fertility issues certainly cause stress. We are also in similar situations with work.
  13. Do take it easy with the tennis, you may really be pregnant. :smile:
  14. MP & VT...another opportunity is right around the corner :graucho:.

    I'll be right here playing the waiting game with you :flowers:.
  15. tabbyco~wow really! I hope that's me one day. Naturally would be nice. I have heard of accupuncture helping but not the diet thingy...If you have a chance, I would like to know the name of the book. PM me when you find out. Although, no wheat, no sugar and limited dairy doesn't sound like my kinda diet! LOL!