trying to conceive **happy update!**

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  1. hi
    i had been on the depo injection for 4 years and decided to come off it last april. i got my first period in november and have had one since varing 25 - 34 days i have had nothing this month yet. i have had cramps for two weeks and slight brown spotting 4 days ago. i did a test on wednesday afternoon and it came back negative. has anyone been through anthing simular:sad::sad:
  2. I´m confused, are you late yet? Brown spotting could be implantion if you ovulated about a week before.
  3. if my longest cycle was 34 days i would have expected to get my period on friday but nothing as yet and tommorrow is the last day of march so ,so far no march period. i am not sure if my periods would stop after 4 months of them returning due to coming of the depo. i am thinking of going to family planning this week for some advice . the depo has really messed with my body. i did not think it would be so bad when i started it.
  4. Definitely go see a dr. Your body is probably still trying to get back to normal, and you might or might not be ovulating with the long cycle.
  5. ^ agreed with qtiekiki. Your body may be trying to get back to normal. When I came off the pill it took a year for my periods to get regular again.
  6. been to family planning and they told me if i was getting periods every month then the depo is out of my system so have done 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back positive. waited a year for this feeling and now it feels strange.:yahoo:
  7. wowww, congratulations!! :smile:)
  8. Wow, congrats on the positives!!!
  9. congrats!
    wow..march has been a verrryyy good month for TTC team! :dothewave:
  10. Congratulations!!
  11. oh congrats!!!!!
    I''ll update the title for you!

    We need some kind of cute preggo smiley! LOL!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. That's great! Hopefully I'll be joining you in the TTC--->pregnancy club in about 10 days!
  14. Congrats to you!!!
  15. yay! Congratulations :yahoo: