trying to choose a new work bag - opinions wanted

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  1. -and it's between a Mulberry bayswater (chocolate) or the new Belen Echandia charm me bag. Opinions please!

    or and go to womens iconic bags to see the bayswater

    I want a classic bag that can hold a few A4 documents and agenda, wallet, etc etc for work.
    help me choose!
  2. I don't know Belen Echandia but that's my pic. Just looks like it holds more and will sit on the shoulder better. Hope that helps. Good luck and post pics when you make your choice.
  3. The Belen looks more edgy and fun. The Mulberry is classic and holds SHED loads - I had a laptop and all sorts of stuff shoved in my bayswater the other day. Hmm. Tricky. I think the Belen might just win for me - it will fit on the shoulder easier by the look of - I can only just get my Mulberry on the shoulder.
  4. First vote for the Mulberry...I think it is a classic that you will use forever.
  5. are Bayswaters unlined or am I mixed up there? I know the Belen Echandia is lined in silk, so that would sway me towards it.
  6. The new chcocolate bayswater IS lined but I'd probably look to get one of the older bags from the outlet which will be unlined. Anyone know where you can get to see a Belen Echandia bag IRL ???
  7. I really love that Bayswater bag. It's gorgeous!
  8. I'm swaying towards the bayswater. Any more opinions?
  9. Bayswater! :tup:
  10. I am a Louis Vuitton girl all the way... sorry.