Trying to buy my first LV

  1. Hi everyone. Im new to the LV section of the forum. Im trying to buy an LV via eBay but im having a hard time because I dont know whats authentic. I dont want to keep running to the LV authenticate thread and having everything im interested in authenticated. Well.. is there a way that you can provide me with some links of eBay listings of real items? I dont want to incovience anyone. I just want to know what I have as an option.

    To be honest my limit is probably 400 dollars.. therefore I KNOW i will end up with a used louis.
    Im just getting started liking the LV products so I dont know of the names of the styles I like. But I do like totes, the barrel type bags, and the buckets. I like them in the monogram canvas and cheries collection. I tried doing a search for reputable sellers and I think Im challanged cause I cant find anything. Thanks for the help!
  2. Why dont you try the great eBay deals and finds thread above?
  3. try authentic LV lady she has great stuff and some are under $400 is wonderful as well.....
  4. Thanks I appreciate it!
  5. You can try ! He always has SO many bags and great deals! If something is too much, just contact him and he'll try to work w/ you!
  6. One thing I invested in was a LOT of internet research and also guides for authenticating sold on ebay. There are also many guides to buying that gives pointers there for free in a certain section of ebay.

    I still don't trust myself tho and have every purchase ran by Carol -formerly of and now she has She charges $5 -per email- so it can be more than one auction- but I do that before paying for any item, then follow up with her once I receive the item in hand with even more info.

    Buying some items by LV on ebay is much safer than bags. LV multicolore bags and also most shoes are easier to tell authenticity so I buy some of those used, but I try to buy all my bags eluxury or only the sellers listed in the link John posted that's a thread on this forum. is my favorite of all of them. Fashionphile is also a good seller on ebay that I watch since she usually has no reserve auctions and TONS of stock.
  7. the previous posters have given very good advice. but depending on what you want you can get a brand new LV for a little bit more (not saying that $100 is very little). a brand new papillon 26 is $615 at elux. just a suggestion :smile: and good luck on your first LV!!!
  8. good luck with whoever you may purchase from. I'm sure you will find the perfect bag :smile:
  9. Ann's Fabulous Finds has a couple Papillons you might be interested in.

    But don't worry about using the authenticate thread, because that's what it's for. The authenticators are really sweet people, and they do what they do because they enjoy it.

    Welcome to tPF and have fun finding your first LV! :flowers:
  10. Oh, and I meant to add that if you do decide to save up a little more as Caley suggested, if you purchase from eluxury you won't pay any tax, and BE SURE to sign up at ******(www.******.com) - you'll get at least 3% back!

    **this is being weird - try www DOT ****** DOT com ???

    I give up...