Trying to beat custom fees...

  1. Coming from Canada, I used to be a member of Shop the States. This is an organization where you can set up an American address. That way, if you want to purchase something from the States, that normally do not do business outside the States or for other reasons, it would be forwarded to your home. Now it has been closed and I stopped ordering on-line because some retailers use UPS which restricts types of delivery.
    I think there is another organization that works the same but there is a very high fee to be a member and to rent and address box in the States.

    Does anyone know of any other similar service that I could use? I would love to avoid paying more on custom fees.
  2. I'd be interested in knowing. I think I'm on their list (knock wood) -- my last few packages have been held up for weeks and charged customs fees up the wazoo, sometimes more than I should have been charged. :sad: