Trying to be calm: This is what happens when you don't buckle your kids up!!

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  1. I'm trying to stay as calm as I possibly can while writing this, since everything is okay...But I'm just very angry and upset.

    My aunt asked me last night if I would go with her to a furniture store so she could pick out some furniture for the addition on their house and have someone else's opinion there too.

    The place we had to go was around 45 minutes away and we had to drive on the autobahn to get there. Traffic has been bad the past few days gearing up for the holiday that is coming up this weekend but luckily it wasn't bad today. We were driving on the autobahn (going around 160kmh or so) and all of a sudden a truck pulls out in front of my aunt, and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid slamming into the back of Anja since she pulled her E-brake. The only thing I saw in Anja's car was Nicole flying forward. ...She didn't have her buckled in (as always) just had her arms though the straps to avoid the police when they drive by. :cursing: The hood of her car went under the bottom of the trunk a bit, but it's not like she slammed into it going full speed - thank God!

    I don't remember much of what happened after that. I was in high addrenaline mode. A truck that was behind us had stopped and took over the 2 lanes where the accident was, so that nobody could go through and pose a danger to us. I grabbed the baby and got out of the car to check on Anja and Nicole. Anja was fine, and had a few cuts and bruises, and Nicole was laying in the back in the little part between the backseat and the back of the front seat (where you put your feet). She wasn't crying - I don't think she knew what was going on until her mom started to cry, and then she did too. I saw right away from the look of Nicole that her arm was broken and told Anja to leave her in the car just in case anything else was injured or broken and to wait until the paramedics came.

    They came relatively quickly, within about 10 minutes and wisked Nicole off to the hospital and Anja went with a police officer in the ambulance. We were also checked out onscene, and everything was fine. We were far enough away from Anja's car that nothing could have really happened.

    I went to the hospital after that to see how Nicole was. She has a broken arm and her shoulder was dislocated. They have done surgery on her arm and placed some pins and rods in there since it was broken pretty badly, and she seems to be fine now. I stayed at the hospital for a few hours to make sure that everything was alright and to talk to Anja after the police officer had finished talking to her.

    She was extremely upset, and it took a lot for me not to go ballistic on her - but I didn't. I may save that for a later time. Apparently the police have to file a report of this and she will probably be visited by the German Social Services to see what's going to happen. She was scared of what to tell her husband, as would I!! Bart would kill me. But...This is one horrible decision that she has made and she's going to have to live with the fact that because she was stupid and irresponsible, her 4 year old has a broken arm and had a dislocated shoulder and also has a black eye now.

    So...I've pretty much got everything out now. Thanks for reading. Nicole is doing fine now. She's in her hospital room with another little girl who also has a broken arm.

    Please...Buckle your kids up EVERY SINGLE TIME you get in the car. It doesn't matter if you're "just" running to the store, accidents can happen anywhere!
  2. OMG..I cant imagine anyone not bucklin their kids in....So sorry for that poor baby
  3. You have told use before also that Anja was careless with Nicole. I think you went to all the expense of buying her a car seat and now THIS happens?

    I think you displayed remarkable self restraint. No doubt the police will investigate as to why Nicole has such injuries. I would have gone ballistic right on the spot. Poor Nicole!!
  4. I cannot express how angry stories like this make me. There are little ones who don't survive a serious crash even when they ARE buckled in; they don't stand a chance if they aren't.

    I am so glad Nicole is going to be OK, and I hope this put a tremendous fear into your sister. That child depends on her, and she let her down. I hope it never happens again.
  5. Yes, Merika. We haven't gotten around to buying the car seat yet since we had some unforseen expenses and they promised to buy one "soon". Hmph.

    I'm so so glad that she is okay though, your heart really drops when you see something like that happen. I'm so glad that Anja was able to stop in time so that they didn't plow under the truck. Ugh, I feel sick just thinking about it.

    I don't know where this is going to go from here - I'm not familiar with the SS procedures here in Germany so I don't know what the consequences are. From what I understand, they will also be visiting their home today for some reason. I dunno. I haven't talked to Anja's husband (my uncle) yet because I don't know if she's talked to him and I don't want to be the news-breaker!
  6. Me either. wow.
  7. That's awful, how could you not buckle your kids in. My 5 yr old has a bad habit right now of unbuckling himself in the car. I have to check him every few minutes to make sure he still has his seatbelt so I can pull over if he doesn't.
  8. It's pretty much the "I'm a safe driver and nothing would ever happen to me" mentality. If you're a safe driver, that doesn't mean your invincible. The other drivers around you pose more of a threat than you yourself do!
  9. Oh wow! I'm glad the little girl is doing okay! And thank you for posting so that everyone get's a reminder to buckle up. I drive my kid brother around a lot to his hockey games. He's 16 and 6'1 and I STILL yell at him until he buckles his belt!

    Again, i'm glad Nicole is okay!
  10. hey lamiastella, I am sorry, you surely got such a fright seeing your cousin flying through the car like this. I am sorry to say but I hope this 'slap' got your aunt into reality.

    well she is/was endangering her child, I have no idea what the policy is on this, but for instance when you as a car driver hit a cyclist, even if it isn't your fault, you have to go and defend yourself in front of the district attorney. I don't know whether this applies here but I reckon she will get some sort of formal cautioning. and it may be good for her.

    what is her reasoning for not strapping her child in? it is plain reckless. even if she is a safe driver, how does it hurt to close the buckle?
  11. OMG...i'm glad that nicole's is ok now. not having children/babies buckled safely in their proper car seats/seat belts (whichever is required for their age) always gets me furious. whenever i go back to asia, i always get told that i'm paranoid&fussy and as long as you drive safely it's ok...but to me, it's very important. i might be driving carefully, but there could be some other reckless drivers (knock on wood that this won't happen though). i always tell my relatives that in UK/Canada we have to use car seats and the children are just more calm in their carseat.
    i've seen an accident where the child in the backseat got crushed because the parents didn't put the child in a carseat. a horrifying sight!!!
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you and her.

    I have annoyed my mother in law and sister in law to no end more times than I can I refuse to drive the car an inch until everyone is buckled in. They have been obviously 'amused at my obsessiveness' and 'annoyed at my persistance'...but I have never cared.

    No seatbelts or car drive.
  13. OMG... that is infuriating... not only not to buckle up your precious child, but to them go to the trouble of making sure she puts her arms through to fool the police??? This makes no sense.

    I am so glad everyone is mostly ok.
  14. i think some people (esp. from the older generation) don't really understand my fussiness with carseats and seatbelts. i feel that unless they witness something themselves, they just don't (or don't want) to understand.
  15. She's said this before, but it's because she's too lazy to figure out the complicated buckle that they have for such a "short" trip. I never knew that 45 minutes was a short trip, but whatever. Basically, she's too lazy to do it and can't really be bothered with anything that has to do with her family...