Trying to avoid a SNAD claim...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just sold a pair of used shoes and while getting them ready to ship, I saw a small black smudge on the heel that I hadn't noticed before. It's not very big, but it was not specifically mentioned in the description. The description does say the shoes are used and show wear consistent with normal usage, but I'm not sure that would help me should the buyer decide to file a claim.

    I noticed the smudge on Sunday after she paid and immediately sent her a message, however she has not gotten back to me. I couldn't send them yesterday since it was a holiday but I'd like to get them in the mail ASAP. Should I go ahead and send them even though she has not replied to my message?

  2. Yes, you should send them a scheduled. I'd include a handwritten note pointing out the flaw, mentioning the message you sent before shipment and apologizing for the oversight.

  3. My take is different...think you should give the buyer the option to decide before
    you send them... If the buyer should file a SNAD because the black smudge
    was not disclosed, she very well could win & you would have to take them
    back in any event..

    Does your listing say you accept returns?
  4. I normally don't take returns, but in this case I absolutely will if the buyer decides she doesn't want the shoes. I will even reimburse her return shipping charges.

    I really hope it won't be an issue... the smudge is very small and not very obvious, which is why I missed it in the first place. I did go ahead and send the shoes since I have not heard from her. I didn't want to get dinged for not shipping quickly enough.
  5. Thanks for your feedback! I wasn't able to write a note since I had already taped up the box. I will send her another message via eBay to apologize and let her know I sent it.
  6. I like (and was going to suggest exactly what uadjit mentioned. (I include handwritten notes anyway so I'd point out the flaw and offer a refund if desired.

    I think you should send them anyway because if you opt to wait for the buyer to respond (and there's a chance she may not respond at all), you'll be past the timeframe in which you have to ship for seller protection.

    She can file SNAD whether she agrees to the shipment with flaw or not. If she really didn't want to keep them, she might claim further use or damage than disclosed. Whether she'd win or not is another story, but holding off shipping can only hurt you if you lose your SP.
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    Understanding that you don't want to perhaps get dinged for not shipping
    quickly & since you will take a return for your oversight, perhaps it will
    work out . Not sure how many buyers would appreciate having an item
    shipped with an undisclosed flaw & perhaps be inconvenienced by returning

    To retain SP, the item must be shipped within 7 days of cleared payment..
    Has this time frame changed to be less than 7 days?

    Hope that your buyer is as understanding as others have posted here think.
  8. Thanks, BB! I'm glad I went ahead and shipped.
  9. And I'm sure she'll appreciate your honesty.
  10. I hope so too... the smudge is really quite small and is consistent with a used pair of shoes. Most people wouldn't think twice about it and I am probably being overly cautious in even mentioning it. However, I definitely would have included it in the description had I noticed it when listing them.

  11. Let's hope your buyer will appreciate you being so forthcoming about the
    smudge & it will all work out.
  12. Just wanted to give an update. My buyer received the shoes, was fine with the small smudge, and left positive feedback. I'm so glad this worked out!
  13. Great
  14. That's great to hear. It's once to hear good stories about buyers once in a while!