Trying to authenticate this (early) Byblos bag.


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May 14, 2019
The bag is Navy Blue, a simple streamlined shoulder bag w/ a buckle strap, flap with circular magnet closure and 3 pockets. I think (not sure) it's made of vinyl and nylon (it's got a fabric body w/ harder material flap, strap and trim.) The hang tag inside the purse is leather and is embossed with "Byblos" "Made in Italy" and has the number 349 on the left side of the tag. There is silver metal hardware on the center of the purse flap that also says Byblos. The bag is so streamlined and conservative, it looks like something that would be carried by an airline steward as part of their uniform. Can anyone date this bag and/or give me any information about it? IMG_5657.jpg IMG_5663.JPG IMG_5672.JPG IMG_5683.jpg