Trying something new with my new Chain!

  1. I got a idea to try this and thought hey why not a necklace! I love big clunky chain jewlery so with the help of my pochette extender here is my acordian wallet chain!


    I really love it this way! Now I want two! lol:yahoo:
  2. ohh thats an interesting use of the chain! cute!
  3. my pastilles i sometimes use as a bracelet and the "clasp" looks just like that on my wrist, and because of the "uniqueness" it's been noticed. lol.
  4. Hey that actually looks pretty good...HAHA :tup: Maybe buy like a pendant or sth???

    Genius idea you have~
  5. looks like a great idea, but i wouldn't recommend you wear it constantly. the brass will tarnish quickly when in contact with your skin.
  6. Really? Even if I polish it?
  7. of course you can polish it. i was simply warning you that it will eventually tarnish :yes: some people here have complained that the hardware on their LV bags have discoloured saying its "poor quality" but people have to realize that its brass, and brass do tarnish.
  8. LV ingenuity!
  9. wow cool idea.
  10. Cute!
  11. Is this aval on elux, and what is the name of it ?
  12. Yup and it's gold plated so eventually the gold will chip off if it is left as a necklace.

    Cute idea though.
  13. I will use it as a pochette strap but thought hey for something different once in a while! All of LV's gold jewlery is like that anyway :sad:
  14. Yup, unfortunately it is. Though you definitely can use it that way every so often!
  15. cute idea!