Trying pics

  1. Okay, Here's the what I could fit inside pics...mods please move if possible...tanks!
    Post inside Pomme Lexington 003.jpg What's Inside Pomme Lexington 004.jpg
  2. It fits a pretty good amount.
  3. Surprisingly yes! I love this little bag.... so sweet! and, it wasn't stuffed full either, I had credit cards and license in the Perle cles, and the groom (which would be a better match with just a plain mono ronde) would be for folded up cash or receipts....
  4. :supacool: , love this cute little bag! use mine often....
  5. Love it! Congrats! It fits quite a bit!

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  6. Yea...that seems about right for the size of the's amazing no matter how large the purse or how small it is - I ALWAYS have a hard time finding my phone - ugh, it bugs me! I have a Razor too and it just disappears in my purse! HA! HA!
  7. Lovely.
  8. Love the lexingtons :biggrin: Those sexy lexies are my addiction right now. :lol: The contrast of the white vachetta is so pretty with pomme :drool: Must resist, must resist :push:
  9. you got the indigo right MEOW!!!! catfight....:p that freaking rocks girl... now, I'm wanting the framboise one really bad about now...:wtf:
  10. If I ever get another vernis bag, this will definitely be it.