trying out virtual hairstyles on yourself

  1. a long time ago some salon near me had a machine where it took your pic and then showed you what different hairstyles would look like on you. i was fascinated but never tried it. well i finally found a website that does it. unfortunately it's not free but i can tell you it's totally worth it for a 3 month membership. soooo much fun to watch myself go from horror-girl to beauty queen in two clicks!!
  2. I've had this done before and it's so much fun.
  3. how much is it?
  4. I did that on a website once. It really helped. Especially after I mastered the head sizing feature. (I had a shrunken head for a few styles)
  5. about $15 for 3 months. enough time to figure out which styles look great and print them out! there's over a thousand styles and apparently they add new ones each month.
  6. I tried it once but it came out weird.
  7. Oh how fun! Too bad I'm SO lame I'll probably never change my hairstyle! LOL!
  8. So it's pretty much like putting wigs on yourself?