Trying Out...Chanel

  1. Tried out a few larger Balenciaga bags...did not work out...thought about the new gathered Prada bags...not quite me...brought home...Chanel??? Funky with demin and also work with jackets (a fall must for me)...and they "fit" great...
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg Chanel Bags 002.jpg
  2. DAYAM!!
    I guess Dallas is s l o w!!! You have the bag I preordered for F/W!!!
    The brown shopper!
    Both are gorj!!!
  3. Thank you! NM SA indicated it just arrived in stock it!
  4. I love love love your Madamoiselle. I am desperate for one.
  5. isn't it a PERFECT bag!? I cannot wait for mine! I actually think I'll sell my LV BH when I get it!
  6. I "tried" the reissue, but it didn't quite "fit" me. Thanks again! I am loving the chain on the mademoiselle and the chocolate/silver combo on the tote! I can also go work to casual with both... : )
  7. So beautiful SoCal! Congrats!!
  8. Both are stunning!!! Congrats
  9. Stunning indeed and very classic! Congrats
  10. Wow!! Beautiful bags. I love both. Thanks for sharing. :yes:

  11. They are both gorgeous! I love the brown grande shopping tote with the silver hw! Beautiful bags. Glad to see you decided to try out some large Chanel bags. You picked two beauties. Congratulations!
  12. beautiful choices! i love the brown shopping!
  13. Love your bags, great choice.
  14. Both beautiful bags! Congrats.
  15. *wiping drool off of my keyboard* This is love at first sight socal!!! I LOVE your bags!!!!!! That is the first madamoiselle bag I have fallen in love with and the brown tote...:love: Aarrrghhh...I'm doomed to go broke this fall!!!! :nuts: Which NM did you find these gorgeous bags??