trying other brands but always come back to lv

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  1. I bought a tom ford a few months back and I do really like it but I can't help but see all these other lv 's I want and not think to myself "sell the tom ford and get it!" I try to venture to other brands but always come back. Anyone else do this? ?
  2. I completely understand because I am the same way. I get bored and venture off to something else for a little while but I always go back to my true love.
  3. What do you end up doing? Sell non lv?
  4. I haven't sold any non LV's to fund new LV's yet. I just end up keeping non LV and getting the next LV bag my heart desires. I'm a bag hoarder and the non LV's I have I still keep in rotation and get use out of. I did sell my Palermo PM to fund my Westminster GM in the past because I no longer wanted my Palermo. Do you think you will utilize your Tom Ford? Sell if you don't think you will. Good luck on your decision
  5. I've sold LVs and non just depending on what you'll use regardless of brand. I have a couple no name ones for occasions where it's a throw around or no one will know the brand and not attract attention. The majority of my collection is LV but nice to have other ones here and there.