Trying on summer clothes

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  1. Anyone else feel bare/kinda naked when you try on spring and summer clothes at the end of the winter after wearing full coverage clothing all winter long? Today I was at nordstrom rack trying on some dresses and all I could think was "are dresses always this short???" But I know for a fact the stuff I tried on was the same length as stuff I wore all last summer. :shrugs:
  2. I feel the same way LabelLover81! Also I constantly feel dressed down in just shorts and sundresses in summer! Always miss my coats and boots when winter passes!
  3. Oh I'm kinda quirky. I LOVE summer clothing!! Sandals and sundresses are what I live for. But I think that's cause I love bright colors and they're so much easier to find and wear in the summer. :biggrin:
  4. Summer clothing are definitely more comfortable though! haha you should wear bright colors even in winter, you'd brighten up a gloomy winter's day :biggrin:
  5. Can't say that thought ever crosses my mind, but I love summer clothes. Mainly because they're much cuter and just so easy- throw on a dress and you're done. I hate wondering what top and what bottoms go together lol.
  6. I go back and forth but this year I am really looking forward to throwing on summer clothes instead of trying to figure out how warm of a coat I need. I want to wear dresses without tights already!!
  7. Every spring/summer I mourn having to put away my tights! I actually find dressing for warm weather to be more difficult because of the beauty prep that goes into it: exfoliating, self tanner, shaving my legs daily. I'm much more lax with those things in the colder months :lol:

    And then there's the issue of just showing more skin in general. I need to amp up my gym routine! Clingy thin fabrics are no match for my winter body! Hah!
  8. I much prefer winter clothes, as I love skinny jeans, boots, jackets and coats and scarves, leather etc. and lots of black and grey. I feel so white and naked when it comes to summer clothes and feel it's harder to look funky and fashionable with summer clothes.