Trying on LV?

  1. Ok, this is kind of a stupid question [I'm still to new to tPF!!] But, I've been in a Louis Vuitton store and tried the bags on. BUT- I am SOOO TORN between the Speedy 35 and 40 [I'm 5'11] So my question is, at an LV store can you actually put some things in a bag to get the full shape and look of the bag? I'm always scared to ask because of them saying something like "Oh my gosh no you can't do that!!" LOL. Help ? Anyone? TIA. :tup::smile:
  2. I know that my SA encourages me to put my things in the bag ( I mean within reason and carefully, use your good judgement on this one). A good SA wants you to be happy and not have to go through the hassle of having to return a bag that isnt right for you, so yes you should try it out to the best of your ability while in the store.
  3. Thanks! Very helpful..
  4. I think a 35 is a great size for you! The 40 is too big for an everyday bag as far as I am concerned. I understand that you are tall (I am only 5'2" so EVERYONE is tall) but even considering your height I think the 35 would be perfect!

    There should not be any issues putting your items into the bag! How could they expect you to make a purchase if you can't try it with your stuff?
  5. I always put my things in the bag. :tup:
  6. thanks dell and solitude! you guys are great!
  7. That's no problem at all! You shouldn't worry about that. The SA's are usually very friendly and have a lot of patience. After all, you're buying a LV, they're expensive bags, so you should be sure about your choice.
  8. they always let me put my stuff in to try it out...

  9. Me too! I always put stuff inside the LV bags when I'm at the store.
  10. Yes, I always take out all my junk from my own purse and put them in the bag I want to purchase to make sure it fits. Maybe just give them a heads up that you're going to do so.

    Have fun!!!
  11. I do this too - always! The 2 times I forgot to do this I ended up returning my purchase because I wasn't happy with how things fit. I always ask first though, and let my SA know I want to try the bag on with my things in it. I haven't had anyone refuse me yet.
  12. If I'm not sure how things will fit, I ask if I can too ... they've always been accommodating.
  13. yeah, just let them know what you are doing and it should be fine:tup:
  14. Yep, me too. I just ask if it would be okay to put my stuff in to see if the bag will work, no problem at all!
  15. I tend to carry a lot of stuff so I ALWAYS put my stuff in bags I am trying on. I want to make sure everything fits.