Trying not to get too carried away..... again....

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  1. I always have this urge to have a new Coach bag. Even if I have a few in my closet already, I still want a new one.... and then... I get tired of it and then stopped using it or just want to sell it so I can get a newer one.

    I have a Sabrina Spectator in Multi (small) that's sitting in the closet. I probably used her twice last summer. I'm looking at getting the Poppy Hobo in Fuschia. I keep telling myself that this will be the last time this year I'm going to splurge. But I'm also thinking just to use my Sabrina Spectator again this spring/summer. But I really want the new hobo.... ~ sigh ~

    The thing about the spectator is I have not seen one single lady wear it in the city I'm in. I'm just wondering what would be a good wallet to match it with.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and hope y'all have a great day. :biggrin:

    Sabrina Spectator

    Poppy Hobo on my wishlist
  2. I dont really understand, you have to sell the one to fund another? lol I would get the Hobo, its a great color!
  3. Yes, I sell to fund another. :smile: The thing is I used to have all these bags sitting in the closet expensive and unused. But I only choose the ones I want to get rid of.

    And you are such an ENABLER! LOL
  4. That is a nice hobo.
  5. Thanks. I like it too. But should I spend on another bag...... :P
  6. If you have your priorities in place and you love the bag...why not?
  7. A good thing to do is store the bags you aren't using out of sight for a few weeks months. Take them out later and you might be surprised to how you feel about them! I did that with a bag once and I love it more now than I did before!
  8. I have the attention span of a three-year-old with my bags, lol. With VERY few exceptions, I could happily get a new bag, use it for a month, then sell it off without a backwards glance. And that's pretty much what I do! I say if you're not using it, out with the old and in with the new!
  9. thats me aswell :nuts: lol