Trying for baby #2

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  1. hi ... i know alot of ladies here have been trying for a long time .. and i dont want to hurt anyones' feelings ..

    but i have been trying for baby #2 for 4 months now, and i know its still early but each month has been heart breaking and disappointing ... i am becoming very dishearted about the whole baby #1 i had no issues concieving ... and now its not happening and i just cant stop feeling discouraged and i have become an emotionally fragile ... every other day someone is announcing they are pregnant .. i am happy for them but i cant help feeling disappointed its not me

    i want to know how i can stop feeling like this and enjoy trying for the baby ...
  2. I know it's hard it took me 6 months to conceive my first and I stressed about it every month thinking something was wrong with me. The best advice I can give is just go about your day and keep busy. That's usually when you get pregnant lol when you're busy and finally realize you didn't get your period in a while. Just take your vitamins. I think depending on your age the doctors won't do anything unless you've been trying to conceive for over a year.

    Also if you stress it'll cause tension with your husband so just enjoy your "playtime" and don't plan it. Enjoy baby #1 in the time being and it'll happen soon enough. Stress also won't do your body or your cycles any good.

  3. thanks sooo much for ur kind words ... this month it will be 6 months of trying ... and honestly i cant help myself from stressing .. i went to my gyn doctor cos i was stressed and so now we are tracking my cycle .. turned out last month i ovluated late and i think that is why it hasnt been happening.. she has been giving me injections to help with follicles and also to relase the eggs hopefully this will help ...
  4. Stressing out is the worse you can do. Your body won't ovulate. Mother Nature is wise.. And there's prob a reason why you might not ovulate on time..stress has negative side effects on the body and maybe it's your body just trying to protect its self. Having a baby in there is precious cargo!! Enjoy your relationship and partner in the mean time.. Because once you are preg everything is different. And once the baby is born it stops being about you. You will get preg when the time is right for you. Until then enjoy and keep us posted as to when u conceive!! It is a blessing and you will love every step of the way! When u look back atleast.. Because while u are going thorough it it can be tough!! ( mornkng sickness, swelling... Body hair!! Lol. Good luck!!!
  5. thanks meowster ... yes i know its due to stressing that my ovluation is off.. i just dont know how i can stop myself from stressing and taking it easy ... each month i tell myself i will not stress but as soon as my green week nears i start freaking out .. i think its putting my husband off ... mentally i know what i am doing is wrong but full heartedly i soo want to get pregnant again and emotionally i start freaking out ... and now with the constant trips to the doctor are upping my stress levels ...

    i will keep you guys updated ,,, please pray for me that it happens soon and i can give you my happy news :biggrin:
  6. Aw sweetie! I know the feeling. The stress of it all. The last thing ur hunny wants to see is you stressed, why?? Because he can't do anything to fix it. What really helped me what an app called the period tracker.. I'd track how long my period would be and see when I was supposed to ovulate.. During my fertile days I would have sexy time, enjoy my partner during the night time. If I was anxious about anything, I would go shipping, or out with my fam/ friends, or my hunny and did stuff I enjoyed.. I won't lie to you maybe even had 1, 2 or 3 drinks. God created only perfection, we are mirror images of him. So when it's time for u to bake that perfect baby it's because it's supposed to happen. Don't stress please, easier said than done. Write down ur anxieties and then throw them away. Your hunny will relax and be happy when your happy. Pray each night before u go to bed. Tell him your ready to be a mommy again and hope to be pregnant soon. It's a way to soothe yourself and say what u feel. This is coming from someone who isn't really religious. But seeing my daughter here with me assures me there's something out there bigger than us. Wish I would have had the forum to help vent lol. Stay strong, bit most of all CALM woman!! :smile:
  7. thanks soooo sooo much for your advice meowster .... it really helps me coming to this forum and sharing my thoughts and worries with mums and ladies who have been through or going through the same things as me ..

    from today i will conciously decide to take it easy ... it will happen when god decides it to happen ,,, till then i am going to enjoy my hubby and my amazing beautiful baby girl :biggrin:

    *huggs and kisses to all the ladies that shared the advice with me **
  8. After the pill my cycles were really short so I ovulated as soon as my period would finish. So I got pregnant after one of those short shocked lol
  9. congrats :biggrin:
  10. Oh no this was with my son lol no baby anytime soon
  11. oops lol .. i just thought u were talking about new baby ...
  12. i just wanted to update everyone who gave me advice....

    its been very hard for me to keep this info to myself for so long but i would like to inform everyone I AM PREGNANT!!!! i am soooo happy and excited i have just entered my 12th week ... finally my morning sickness has slightly reduced .. it comes and goes ..

    sending my love and well wishes to alll xx

  13. Omg!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Congratulation!! I was wondering what ever happened!?? Lol. See! U worried waaaay too much! It was meant to be and now ur going to be a mommy soon!! Please keep us in mind if you plan to find out what you are expecting! Congratulation again! Very happy to read suck great news after a long day of work!
  14. Correction; you have been a mommy already.. Ur going to be a new babie's mommy lol.

  15. thanks sooo much xxx ....i will def keep u in the loop ... its very exciting and my daughter she is totally excited about being a big sis ... she keeps asking so when is the baby coming lol