Trying Again

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  1. I tried posting this last night, but the post somehow got merged with another and buried/confused in another thread.

    Just received a bag I orderd from Forzieri. The bag is generally great except...the zippers are not! They do not glide smoothly at all. You really have to tug at them. The top zipper on the bag gets stuck at the same spot each time and then you REALLY have to tug at it. Neither zipper closes all the way, which I thought rather odd.

    I emailed them yesterday but have not received a reply. At this point I am leaning seriously towards returning it, even though this means shipping back to Italy, which could be expensive. I'm really beginning to get leery of ordering online.

    Should I return it? :sad2:
  2. I think you should return it and they should pay for the shipping! Tell them the zipper is defective!
  3. I had to merge it because we don't allow duplicate threads. You can always bump yours up if you think it needs to be though .
  4. Return it, it's faulty or if you can't/won't, try some zipper wax.