Try to find a paddy in blue!

  1. Please give me some hints, I know it is kind of hard 'cause the color is not in most of stores right now.:throwup:
  2. call Josh at Bloomingdales in San Francisco. I think he's getting the new one and I know he had the older (dk blue) about 4 wks ago. Don't know if he still has it.
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Which blue are you looking for? There's the old bleu nuit and the newer, slightly darker blue, as well as metallic blue...
  5. I prefer the lighter blue (royale?) or the metalic one. Please enlighten me if there is a deal!
    Thanks a lot.;)
  6. There is a blue on eBay. It is in the authenticate thread but it is the darker navy color- quite lovely though!
  7. there is a very lovely turquoise paddy on - new season =)
  8. ^^ that bleu nuit on eBay is gorgeous!