Try this bag on........

  1. Holy cow!! I dunno, but if it's true, this bag is nearly as tall as I am!!! Maybe it's accurate b/c it says it has a 21" drop plus the 12 1/2" length would make the bag about 3' total.
  2. Seems about right. LOL!
  3. Lmao... so funny. Sorry I had to attach the pic..
  4. LOL!! Wow that is wayy off, I don't think it would be that big!
    When I do use that size comparison tool on the site, usually the bag does seem a bit bigger than what it is in my experience, but of course within reason as compared to that one!
  5. Too funny.
  6. That's soo funny! The bag is bigger than you are!!!
  7. If that were the true size, you could use it to hide inside in case someone came after you, yes? :roflmfao:

    I don't believe that bag is meant to be luggage...
  8. that bag should be carrying us around! geez
  9. That bag looks like it could bite! LOL......the "try on" option is a joke! LOL!!! I'm really surprised at all the hiccups this website has....I constantly see errors in regards to colors, measurements and descriptions.
  10. :roflmfao: Too funny.
  11. That bag would be as big as I am. There is no way that is right.
  12. OMG! That's so funny!!