Truths about the TRAPEZE

  1. So they haven't replaced the long then, I would insist on a new lock also get them to look at your zip....... Mines so much better now & I can now use it where as before it was too stiff so I didn't bother.
    Hope you get it sorted as I know how frustrating it is :smile:
  2. I'll have a look at the clasp again tomorrow, fingers crossed its ok...

    They won't even send it off for celine to look at... I don't know why!!!
  3. ???
  4. 1500hkd price increased in HK !!! uRgh!
  5. May I ask how much the Small Trapeze is in HKD?
  6. I bought mine for 16500, now it's 18000 hkd
  7. Yaay!!! Waiting for your pics, Designerdiva!
  8. Any owners think the trapeze is high maintenance due to the front panel being calfskin? I'm worried about this as I'm thinking of getting the Terracotta one. I have a toddler and is constantly running around so being careful is not really an option.
  9. Hi guys
    If someone could answer me whether if the croc stamp trapeze will also be available next season as well, or it's a seasonal item? As I really love it but do not want to spend money till xmas.
  10. Itll come in gray color
  11. Hi all! I've read the entire thread and understand the concerns about the bag sagging, the handle not being sturdy enough, etc. I'm still in love with the trapeze though and really want one!!!

    Can someone tell me if they've had any problems with the suede wings getting dirty or ruined though? I live in NYC and will do my best not to use it on wet days but I'm worried about just regular daily use. I know you can fold the sides in but I prefer it with the wings out.

    I'm deciding between the following two color combos but both have suede and I'm nervous. I'm leaning toward the lighter one because I'm not crazy about the burgundy on the darker one matching everything (I wish it was brown!). The lighter one seems more functional beyond our short fall season. Help! Thanks!!



  12. Mine has a suede flap but I don't vote is on the darker one
  13. just ordered my trapeze from matches. it's tricolor khaki-navy-burgundy. going to arrive next week. soooo excited :biggrin:
  14. I vote for the lighter one! Think about it - neutral/earth tones like that will match with your wardrobe more easily! And it compliments almost any skin tone! :biggrin:
    My two-cents worth...!

    Tres chic!
  15. Does anyone really use the zip pocket under the front flap (on the older styles)? I never use it - too difficult to get in and out of.