Truth time ladies

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  1. Do any of you over say the age of 35 actually buy accesssories from Juicy Couture or D&G or any of the more 'harder edged' designers like Versace or Cavalli?

    I mean at some point you would have to think bags like clothes and make up need to be age appropriate, For me, I still love Juicy track suits but there accessories - i would buy for someone much younger than me (I am 41) - or does it not matter? I just think at a certain age dressing like Kimora Lee or similar styled women just is not right ....what do you all think?
  2. I also like the Juicy suits, but honestly, at age 40, it just doesn't suit me. It looks great on my younger cousins, but that ship has sailed and frankly I'm OK w/ that!! It's not that I feel old, it's just that my style has evolved. Some of the newer Juicy bags are not so "loud" and actually quite conservative. It's all a mindset really.

  3. I do not buy anything from Juicy or D&G or even Coach. I'm 43. My taste has "matured" I guess. I do find some bags geared more for the younger gals. Certain LVs seem "young" for me. However, what it really comes down to is what you like. If you like it get it.
  4. I am 52 and wear youngish stuff all the time - but it has to look good on me. If it feels right it should work. I try to be honest with myself about those questionable things that fit but nevertheless are too cutesy - say 'puffed sleeves'. I look great for my age and I figure I only have a small window of opportunity before the "mutton trying to look like lamb" syndrome really kicks in! I have a gold metallic Baby Fluff Juicy Couture bag that is actually quite elegant. Purse wise I usually do not wear small bags and have no problem with big loud ones. But then again I AM 6 feet tall so I can pull off loud huge bags like Isabella Fiore styles easily. So choosing may be a matter of proportion, the outfit you are wearing it with and your general sense of style - rather than your age.
  5. I found a cable-knit sweater bag a few weeks ago (by Juicy) that I wouldn't hesitate to buy, if only it were not so fragile. The rest of the JC stuff doesn't appeal to me at all. I feel that JC markets very strongly toward youth, but I never knew that D&G, Versace, or R. Cavalli are considered "juniors" designers the way JC and Baby Phat are. I have a D&G bag in my top 20, and I'm over 40.
  6. Juicy Couture bag is too trendy for me. Kimora Lee can carry off those kind of clothing so she's ok for me.
  7. Some of the trendiest things just aren't "me". For instance, on the right person the very large bags look wonderful--on me (61) they look ridiculous. So I stick with simpler styles. I don't think it's about a certain age, tho. I like Juicy on younger women, but not for me.

  8. Nor did I!

    Juicy Couture is definitely aimed at the under 20s, I would say. But a woman of almost any age could carry a nice RC or D&G bag and if anything, Versace is specifically aimed at the over 30s; not the under 30s. :yes:

    Not that I think that anyone should adhere rigidly to these rules. If a 30 something woman loves JC charm bracelets, then why not? Similarly, if a 25 year old loves a Versace bag - they should go for it!
  9. I'm 39 and have a few Juicy hoodies and terry tops/tank tops as well as necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings and a couple small bags. I didn't start buying anything Juicy until a couple years ago. For Juicy, they're all pretty understated. I would never wear the "juicy" on the butt sweats, for example.

    My wardrobe is pretty classic (wool slacks, dark denim, cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, boots) so a little fun with jewelry keeps me from getting too stodgy (horrors!).
  10. I love juicy, it makes me feel really young and hip. Though, some things are a little too young and hip.. Like all the rhinestone stuff haha.. But I love how Juicy came out with more sophisticated bags too!

  11. :yes:
  12. It depends on the individual, and your unique style. Back in the late 70s, I owned only one glitter tube top, and wore it at most three times, each time attending concerts and attendant "after parties" where the people who stood out were those NOT sporting sequined tube tops.

    But for the most part, I have always favored simple, classic clothing so for me to now take up the wearing of bedazzled hoodies would seem odder to me than to my viewers!

    I do like metallic bags, for women of all ages. I have a bronze one that for me, is absolutely ginormous, though it does not appear so by comparison with other bags, and it is probably just pushing the envelope a bit of what someone 5'2" can wear, whether she is 19 or 90!

    But it is very useful for days when I have to carry around lots of stuff!

    I would like one of those unecessarily bright gold ones, too, I'm just not sure what I would wear it with. The problem with the really bright bags is that if you are too close to that middle point between 19 and 90, it can look a little bit grandma-ish.

    Of course, if I could find a little NotChanel in bright gold lame, with a chain strap and the rhinestone X on the clasp, that wouldn't look grandma-ish... ;)

    Edit to add that even when I did wear my sequined tube top, I wore a little short-sleeved red "Chinese style" silk brocade open jacket thing over it, so even in the bloom of relative youth and ubiquitous fashion, I failed to totally rock it.
  13. ^ We called tube tops 'boob tubes'! :lol:

    I begged my Mum for one, when I was a little girl, but because I was so young and had absolutely no boobs for my tube; I ended up, unintentionally, wearing it as a belt! :shame:
  14. I do think that JC and Baby Phat are aimed at a younger audience. Few of their pieces appeal to women with a little more sophistication (though there are some - nothing is universal). I haven't seen anything by them that appeals to me, and I am 35. The rhinestone, gold-studded and blingy things are just not how I view myself.

    But like others have mentioned, the right thing worn by the right person can be worn at almost any age. Though some designers may target younger audiences, that doesn't mean that some of their things might not suit the style of someone outside of that target group.

    I have never seen D&G and Versace in the same way, though. Some of their pieces are edgier, but not in a juniors audience sort of way.
  15. i don't know - just being over 40, I think I look rediculous wearing the BLING brands (D&G, Versace, Cavalli) ... also I am not statuesque nor am I a model or a model type that has a staff to make me look great. I am just an avg person that just happens to like pricey bags ... so I wonder if that alone also makes me look stupid - you ever hear the saying "champagne tastes on a beer budget" - I mean I have some pricey bags and some nice jewelry but I certainly don't look like any of the polished well dressed people i see carrying these bags ...

    So i must come across looking doubly foolish - and I bet people must think I carry fakes because I don't have the designer wardrobe or the rich pedigree to go with the bags .... I don't know ... I look at this site and all that everyone has and all the pictures and I think that I no matter how many chanel bags I own, will never look as good or fashionable.