truth about the special order striped keepall and speedy?????

  1. HI guys,

    Louis vuitton is not telling me anything and the 866 people have no idea. What is the deal with the new special order stripe keepall/speedy thing? When is this service going to be available? Who has heard about it for real? I just want some info because I want to get my hardsided luggage painted, but before I do that I would rather get my keepall done so that all my luggage matches.
  2. you can't get your keepall done you have to buy a new one the painting is done while the canvas is flat and then sown into the keepall shape. this is what my store told me

  3. yeah I was told the same, obv tho as we both use the same store.
    Im hoping they will do it on the speedys atm its just the keepall's supposedly.
  4. I heard they no longer heatstamp the handle tabs on Speedies anymore. Is that true. I wanted to see if they could stamp the handle tab on my Neverfull. If someone confirms this can't be done, I won't even bother contacting the store.
  5. ^ If your talking about the diamond they still do it, I could of gotten it done at my store.... I think maybe some stores won't but some will.... I think you'd have to call the store to ask but I'm pretty sure you can get it done :smile:
  6. I think only certain stores do it.

  7. LOL true!

    I forgot to mention though I was also told the same info about this at the Mothership (Champs elysees) I just don't remember if the mentioned speedies ot not.
  8. how long does it take just to get aheat stamp?
  9. It usually takes about 3 days, but it really depends if they have alot of other orders to complete, or if you're really good with your SA they can move you up the line ;)
  10. London should be able to do it for you there and then.

    I've had something done while I shopped it's a quick process
  11. great, how much does it cost? (last durr question) ;)
  12. the best price ever....FREE!!!!
  13. :nuts: next time I'm in Central London (yeah baby!)
  14. I keep being told, 'November', by my SA and Leathergoods Manager. They're in the dark just much as we are. She'll be calling me with information once she finds out herself, and I'll post back here.