Trusted LV seller Let-Trade selling Fake Hermes?

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  1. I know that this thread is regarding a Hermes bag, but because so many of us here in the LV forum purchase from Let-Trade, I thought this thread would be of importance. One of the LV forum members posted in the Hermes thread the bag that Let-Trade is currently selling; a couple of Hermes forum members are suspicious of the bag's authenticity. Is there anyone in the LV forum who is also a Hermes expert? They're saying that the font is off, as is the material.:confused1:

    Look in the Hermes shopping forum.
  2. It all sounds like they are unsure. I doubt it's fake.
  3. ^ you never know!!! can never be too sure!
  4. With let-trade you can! :yes: I wouldn't worry about it!
  5. To be honest, I really don't know. It seems like some of the ladies don't knoweither. So maybe. Hopefully it is not true, because if they are selling fakes, I will be sad!
  6. Doesn't seem like anyone over there is sure about it. If it is fake, which I don't know enough to tell, perhaps let-trade doesn't even know. I doubt they'd risk losing loyal customers over $4000 when they make much more than that selling authentic items that so many of us have bought. I've never had an authenticity issue with them.
  7. Let-Trade is a member on tPF -maybe they can help with the authenticity questions. I would be really surprised it something they sold was a fake.
  8. I agree with Michelle. It's only the members with less than 50 posts that are already declaring it's fake for sure. I'd wait to hear opinions from some of the more experienced Hermes members/collectors :yes:
  9. That's what i'm hoping, that one of their employees will verify that the bag is indeed authentic. I asked in that forum, in the thread, if anyone can verify for certain that the bag is fake.
  10. I've always had great purchases from them , but I do remember a big deal about a Fake LV white Suhali Le Fab.

    I think there consignment resells and I suppose it could have fallen though the cracks, but I don't think it would be intentional as they seem to really care about their reputation.
  11. I understand the fear of buying a fake but lets not be hasty in declaring that Let-Trade is selling "fakes". Many of you folks have bought from the company and have had excellent results, which I think stands as a testiment to their goal of only selling gently used original luxury goods.

    Let us remember that as consumers, we have alot of sway and going willy nilly declaring "X Company" is selling fakes hurts legit retailers who are doing us a service by selling lxury goods at discount prices. Gather the facts, verify with the vendor and re-verify with an independent third source before making statements that could hurt good folks financially as well as honor-wise.

    My two cents.....
  12. ITA :yes:.
  13. unfortunately, due to Asia earthquake. Let-trade can't load this website
  14. I doubt they would be shameless to list a fake bag for 4k$ when they list CHEAP prices for 100% real LV's
  15. I get what you're saying, I suppose the title of the thread sounds more like a declaration, and less like a question. I have purchased from Let-Trade before and had the bags authenticated; I have never had a problem with them. I just wanted someone who is an expert in Hermes to verify whether or not the Hermes bag they have listed is authentic, as some members in the Hermes forum are saying that it may not be authentic. Many of the forum members have pointed out, and rightly so, that the posters who are saying that the bag may not be authentic are new members and may not know as much about Hermes. I just want clarification from a reliable source, which is why I posted the question in this forum.
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