trusted ebay sellers

  1. Hello!
    SInce I am literally DYING to purchase a REAL LV SPeedy 30-35 bag, I am about to venture off to the unknown- eBay.
    I am nervous because of course I do not want to buy a fake.
    SO WHO are your trusted beloved LV drug dealers/pushers?
  2. Let-Trade!
  3. lv_lady is a good one too on eBay. I've heard good things, but never actually bought from her.
  4. I bought my Peach Graffiti Pochette from a lady named Barb..she was SO nice. Her name on eBay is lvs43bs.
  5. Any of the ALVA sellers too :rolleyes:
  6. stick to MPRS and ALVA sellers, and you should be good to go!
  7. I just purchased from "Thatsopretty" and she was very nice to deal with. She is also MPRS and ALVA.
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