Trusted authenticators specifically for Givenchy items

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  1. In view of the closure of the Auth This thread, I wondered if anyone had a preferred paid authenticator specifically for Givenchy items. I prefer to go to the specialist for the brand (e.g., Castira for Gucci, CarolDiva for LV, I know Bababebi is the gold standard for Hermes), etc. My items are more niche because I'm not (yet) carrying purses, so to the extent you have recommendations for accessories, specifically a men's pouch, that's helpful, too. :smile: Could be a good resource for TPF!
  2. I prefer Authenticate4U Messaging them on FB seems to be the quickest way to get a reply. :smile:

    I have tried other online authentication companies, including a popular one that gave me conflicting results. Authenticate4U seems to be the most reliable. I think they also have the best reputation here in the forum.
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  3. Thanks so much for confirming! I actually messaged them on Facebook about an hour ago to confirm their could do it, since it's not on their website's listed brands. They've confirmed they'll do Givenchy, so I've added that to the list. Appreciate the reply!
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  4. Anyone have any authentication services they recommend?

    I’d like to buy a bag from Italist but since the reviews about them are very mixed I’d like to get the bag authenticated once it arrives.

    Please let me any services you recommend for authenticating Givenchy

  6. Thanks!
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  7. Anytime! I've used them many times, it's quicker to message them through Facebook. :smile:

    I've used other authenticating services too but so far, Authenticate4U is the most reliable.