Trust "no name" brands?

  1. Would you trust a shoe brand that you've never heard of?

    I usually avoid brands that I'm like "who the...?" but lately I've seen some relatively cheap shoes (between $50 - $100 on sale range) that I'm wondering what the quality is like. I don't want to be one of those women that falls flat on her face because her heel broke. I've already had that happen once and thank god I was in my own home!

    My general rule is "stick to what you know" so the more popular brands like Christian Louboutin. :heart: I also wear Bandonlinos as I know those are good quality products and reasonably priced.

    I'm dying for a pair of white stilletos though, like Carrie Bradshaw wore in SATC, which are Manolos but I can't find them anywhere! I've seen some white stilletos on eBay by some no name brand, but really don't know if I can trust its quality. BTW, if anyone knows where I can get those babies, please let me know!! Even ones that look like them but aren't going to fall apart after 2 seconds!

    I wish buying shoes was simpler! :hysteric:
  2. I stick to brands I know like Ninewest , or Banana Republic, JCrew, Ann Kliene
    I wear a 9.5 and a lot of cheap brands just don't fit well , and if they have a heal I can not deal with that annoying loud noise that cheap heals make when you walk
  3. I love it when you can hear a woman in heels walking from a buhzillion miles away! It's such a commanding noise. I think cheap heels are good if you want something ultra trendy that you can wear with out a care; for everything else, go to Louboutin.
  4. Yeah comfort is a concern also as some of them just look like they're going to hurt your feet!

    Any advice on white stilletos that are either the Manolos or something similar? I'd also do the CL Pigalle 4", but the cheapest I can find that is $429 + shipping and would prefer something a bit cheaper than that.
  5. Blackbird, if you're considering a range of $200+, I don't think you should be too worried about quality. Many european shoe designers go unheard of here that have the same tradition of quality that we've come to expect from high end brands.

    If you like it, and it looks reasonably well constructed (check stitching, glue, material closely), indulge. High end shoes are not without their faults and problems (I've had more than my fair share of shoe problems with Louboutins) either, no matter how closely you check a shoe or how much you spent.

  6. Hmmm... I've noticed that some shoes do make noises, but never correlated noise level to price. I always assumed that it's either the way a person walks, or the sort of material used.

    For instance, my BF calls my Empire Choos "the quiet shoes" because the leather on the sole is so soft and buttery that it doesn't make too much noise. I think those were around $475 when I bought them a few years ago. My Louboutins make much much more noise than the Empires, but there hasn't been a pair under the $485 mark retail, some about double that price. :shrugs:
  7. Thanks for the advice. Some shoes I was looking at were less than $100/pair (like around $65/pair), which made me wonder if they were cheaply made also to the point of disposable!
  8. Um I dont think so. You should look at the craftsmenship- not the name. I have plenty BananaRepublic/private label shoes that never broke on me. And as someone mentioned before JCrew and some other private labels have good quality because they use Italian leather/calf hair etc- good textiles.
  9. I don't know if I'd buy no name shoes on e-bay...but I don't think you need to spend $$$ to get good quality shoes, either. Via Spiga makes really cute shoes and they seem to have the same quality as much higher priced shoes. I have one pair of Louboutins and they are no more comfortable or any better quality...but they do have those red soles!
  10. Blackbird, have you tried BCBG shoes? I find they are a good balance of style, value, comfort and construction. They aren't the best in any of these categories, but have a good balance of all these things. On sale, you might be able to find them around $100.

    Also, try If you're not looking for something TOO specific, sometimes you can luck out and pick up a pair of shoes in your size for half the retail price or less!
  11. Some of my best and trustiest shoes were under $20 (purchased on sale). I am willing to take a chance on the designers I've never heard of if the design is cute and it fits well. For example I took a chance with Marc Fischer when he came out and never had a problem. The most I've ever paid for his shoes were about $40. They are made in CHina though, not Italy.
  12. I have a couple of BCBG Max Azria shoes that I don't wear that often, mostly because the heels feel so flimsy that I'm afraid they're going to snap at an inappropriate moment (which is anytime really).

    I've bought from Gotham City Online a couple of times and have been very happy with the deals I've found with them. :tup: I got a pair of green Casadei shoes for $99 and a pair of Marc Jacobs ballet flats fro $79 from them. :smile:
  13. I've never spent more than $100 on shoes. I've never broken a heel or fallen on my face.

    I don't think a shoe is more likely to break just because it was under $100, and I don't think a shoe won't break just because it was expensive...