Trust me on TNT

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  1. New show started last night.

    Has anybody watched it?

    I watched it and I loved it!!! Since I am a graphic designer, watching a show that revolves around an Advertising Agency in Chicago is just a dream to me!

    I really enjoyed it and hope this one stays put.

    If you have watched it, what is your opinion?
  2. Wow. Nobody watched this show??? Maybe TNT isn't exactly a popular network.

    I loved it though. I hope it lasts...
  3. I watched it because it was on after my all-time favorite show, The Closer- and I was a little underwhelmed... it wasn't bad but I kept getting distracted- not a good sign...
  4. i'm loving this show! hope it stays too. no one else? :shrugs:
  5. So far I am not feeling it, theough the reviews are very very good. I'll try now and then when I remember and see if it grows on me.