Trussardi "La Vie"

  1. I love this bag, i love Trussardi 'cause is a gorgeous and luxurious brand here in Italy and makes so lovely bag!
    I seriously want a "La Vie" bag..but there are so many colours that I can't decide!:girlsigh:
    There are 4 colours: blue navy, hazelnut, cherry and yellow lemon....Which colour would you get?
    They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are also small sizes, and you can get them also in brown and black!


  2. Those are gorgeous! I would probably choose the yellow one, only because I need a yellow bag. All the others are lovely too. Do you know if these are available in the US?
  3. Check the online shop

    there are these bags and other italian brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada:yes:
    They ship worldwide i think, to US for sure!
  4. I like the blue navy. Its bold and maks quite a statment :smile:
  5. Thanks edsbgrl! :flowers:

    Here the pics of the bag worn (he's the boyfriend of the girl in picture LOL)

  6. more beautiful bags :angel:

    I dont know where such bags can be found! girls, any idea? i mean online!
    trussardi1.jpg trussardi2.jpg trussardi3.jpg trussardi4.jpg
  7. i'm planning to buy the white bag with the flower? wat do u think! recommendations please :yahoo: