Trunks & Locks wallet....Sarah or Insolite???

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  1. I want to get one of the Trunks & Locks wallets, but can't decide if I should get the Insolite or the Sarah. I've never had either style before, so I'm not sure which would be better suited for me. I normally carry a zippy wallet (regular one). At first I was drawn to the Sarah, but I thought I read some people were having cracking issues with the Sarah? The Insolite is beginning to grow on me as well, so now I have to choose between the two.

    Which do you recommend, and why?

  2. I have the mono trunks wallet and DE trunks insolite. I have been using my mono trunks sarah every day since I bought it a few months ago and I do not have any glazing issues so far..I was an insolite fan until I bought a sarah and now its my favorite wallet.....the insolite is a bigger wallet than the sarah but has lots of storage.....
  3. My vote goes to insolite. It is actually on my wishlist.
  4. Hmmm. I do tend to carry a in my wallet, I'm wondering if maybe the Sarah is a better choice for me?
  5. Definitely Sarah for me. The insolite did not suit my style at all so I sold it .. GLD!
  6. Insolite is my favorite wallet, GL
  7. Insolite.. Then buy additional chain, you can wear it as a wristlet. I love mine. :smile:
  8. I love the Sarah! I'm not a fan of the Insolite wallet as I don't like my wallets to open up laying flat--I feel like everything is so exposed when you have to pay for something. I just went off my LV ban to purchase the Sarah Trunks and Locks in Bordeaux! I love it! I originally thought I wouldn't like the new Sarah style but I think I can get used to the larger flap---especially when I open it up to see all those stripes!! LOL
  9. I have the Trunks and Locks Insolite in DE and it's probably my favorite LV item...or at least in very close competition with my faithful Speedy! No question my favorite wallet ever. Of course, I still want a Sarah of my own too...

    One thing about the Insolite is that it is quite large, so you'll need a compact wallet for any smaller bags. Not sure if this would be the case with Sarah, but I need a full-size bag if I'm going to use this wallet.
  10. I've always been really intrigued with the Insolite wallet. It's very pretty and I think that the double button snap is fun. Then you throw a gold chain in the mix & I'm head over heels!

    For practical reasons, though, I prefer the Sarah. I personally don't like wallets that lay flat. It is not because of the exposure, it's more of a convenience matter. I personally find it more difficult to hold and use in comparison to a wallet like the Sarah.

    Good luck with your decision :smile: hth
  11. Insolite! The striped lining just looks better in the insolite and I love that you can store your phone inside!
  12. I have the trunks & locks de insolite and I love mine. The striped interior looks so cute! I have the zcw, zcp and insolite for wallets and the insolite is my favorite, so much that I bought the coral interior insolite for spring/summer! Good Luck deciding :smile: