Trunks & bags round coin purse price??

  1. I saw the beautiful trunks & bags round coin purse in coral on the LV website,does anybody know the price of that beauty??
  2. $375?
  3. Yup, $375. :yes:
  4. 375 and I love it! I'm getting it in Anis (mint green) next pay day It's going on my Cabas Mezzo and I can't wait!!! It's the first accessory I have really been "CRAZY" about in a long time. A really cute, fresh summer accessory!
  5. has anyone have a pic of it? is it from the trunks and bags collection?
  6. Here's mine, I had thought it was going to be a darker green but it's more of a spring green. It also comes in coral and a pale yellow.
  7. I have the coral and I love it - so pretty!
  8. i just ordered it in the ivory color can't wait.
  9. Thank you for the pic, to me it's more beige is t really a pale green?