Trunks & Bags mini pochette or wapity?

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  1. I am debating between the Trunks & Bags mini pochette and the wapity. Those of you who have both, which one holds more? :confused1:

  2. I would definately say the mini pochette. I only have the regular mini pochette & the wapity. Wapity is too small to even stuff both my hp and make-up compact.
  3. Pochette.
  4. I'd go with the T&B Mini Pochette.
  5. mini pochette as i have one..:yes:
  6. Mini Pochette. So much more useful and roomier than the Wapity.
  7. Mini Pochette. Not really a fan of the Wapity.
  8. T&B gets my vote!
  9. I have the T&B pochette and love it. Used to hold my passport and ipod but now that my french wallet is is for re-sticting, I'm using her for money and cards. My gf as the wapity and regrets buying it. She says it's not really big enough to hold anything!
  10. t&b Mini Pochhete holds more and very cute!
  11. I guess it depends on what you want to put inside the case. I love the wapity for my digicam or my cell and a lipstick. (I didn't realize the t&b mini pochette was so much roomier than the wapity). I have an enV phone and it fits nicely. Check out the wapity club thread to see lots of pictures! :yes:

  12. Thank you! So it can fit a passport and ipod, I was wondering how much it would fit. I tried using a ruler to see what size it was but I am very hard at visualizing. ;)
  13. I know that many members here use the wapity for quick trips to the store. I was thinking about using either one for that and maybe sometimes a pouch inside my purses. I have looked a the wapity club :yes: it made me a little unsure also it got me thinking if I may want a multicolor pochette but I would be upset with the color rubbing off.

    Speaking of color rubbing off... does the Trunks & Bags have that problem? :confused1:
  14. I have the t&b mini pochette and I highly recommend it...It is great inside a bag hooked to the D-ring or on its own! It also looks great hooked on the outside of the Neverfull.
  15. Pochette since it's bigger.