Trunks & Bags, I wish they made a cles w/ the logo (ro)

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  1. It would be beyond cute.
  2. i know it would be tooooo cute. i have the pochette and im totally in love.
  3. it's coming later in the year
  4. It's coming??!! Now I want one lol.
  5. Is there a photo?
  6. it's so funny you brought this up, because when i first saw the Pochette in the Toronto store i was thinking that if there were ever a Trunks & Bags cles it might be the first ever cles i'd own. actually i wish they'd have the 4-keyholder; i'd DEFINITELY get that
  7. Yes I heard it is coming also. I love my mini pochette!
  8. Omg I Want One Like Asap!!! I Cant Wait...

  9. ohohoh... i so want one !!:yahoo:
  10. Add me to that list!
  11. It sounds super cute, I'd love to see what the agenda looks like!
  12. That would be so cute
  13. I love my mini as well.

    I also heard it was coming out.
  14. That'd be adorable, I'll definitely get one if they make it!
  15. I can't wait to see it