"Trunks & Bags" Agenda - Is it availiable in stores?

  1. I was browsing eBay this afternoon and I found THIS AUCTION for a Monogram Agenda PM with the Trunks & Bags print on it.

    I absolutely LOVE this, and I want one sooooo bad, but I'm not paying $475 for an agenda, at least not without checking the retail price first. Has anyone seen this at their local LV? Any ideas about availiability/price? I asked my SA and she didn't know anything about it, claimed to have no information about it, so now I hope someone here has a better informed SA than I have. (My local boutique isn't a big one and they don't seem to be to well informed.)
  2. Yes, it's available. Several people on here have it. Not sure about the retail price though. Call 866-VUITTON and they can locate one for you.
  3. should be. got mine at 5th ave on sept. 8th. $300 USD retail, but i do know they have been selling quickly. good luck on your search.

  4. I've seen it in smaller stores as well. It's in the neverfull series, it shouldn't be that hardto geta hold of. =) Good luck!
  5. I saw one yesterday in Banff.
  6. I guess I'll have to persuade a friend of mine who is going to London this week to go into LV there... He hates LV so it will be somewhat a challenge, but I WANT that agenda!
  7. Saw one at the LV store in Oslo last Friday.
  8. I saw two in the Glass cabinet at my store today
  9. Does it come in the bigger size?? I love this!
  10. ^ Only small agenda
  11. :crybaby::crybaby:
  12. Wow, I'd love it in a larger size...it's so classy!!
  13. They are too cool.
  14. I'm pretty sure I saw this in the case at LV in Holts Calgary today.
  15. It's a very nice agenda.