Trunks and Bags Pochette

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  1. OK.. .I think I have gone crazy... I just ordered the Trunks and Bags pochette off Elux and am sitting here dazed wondering why... I cant think of a thing to use it for but it was so gosh darn cute I couldn't resist.

    What could a guy use a pochette for??? LOL
  2. Heck, I'm a guy with a BILLION pochettes....I use mine for bathroom essentials on trips, I use them as pencil cases in my laptop bags or my speedy. You don't have to be effeminate to use a pochette. Carry your phone and wallet in there in your back pocket.
  3. Cool... glad to know there are guys out there who use them. I will probably use mine in similar manners as you , may find a new use or two.

    I just couldn't pass it up.... of course I went back to look at the pic and it says its not available.. wonder if I got the last one for the moment.
  4. I love mine....LOL..Right now I have mine clipped inside my Neverfull MM..I use it to put cash and cards in when I dont want to haul all my stuff ina purse to run errands.
  5. you can take off the chain and use it as a pochette in your handbag (messenger...sac plat). Or you can even attached it to your belt.
  6. :yes:Couldn't agree more:tup:
  7. It's super cute!
  8. i know that bag is the next i want .... im trying to convince my hubby that i want it... I called Neiman to hold it for me ... But my Hubby needs to say yes before i Buy it!!! Any help???? what i can say to him .... My birthday is in March , our anniversary in Oct .. so no special dates AGH!!!!
  9. Clip it to your belt loop and use it as a wallet! No one can knock you for that.
  10. I was considering damier pochette to use it inside my jeans back pocket or to put camera and small things inside larger bag;) Congrats!!
  11. I use mine for my camera.
  12. Cell phone case.

    Go to lunch.

    Passport case.

  13. I sure do like that pochette!
  14. Love B&T mini's Super cute..Congrats!
    As for me, I don't mind about using it..just have it with me..make me happy!
  15. there so cute - you'll love it.