Trunks and Bags Pochette Lining

  1. Can anyone tell me what this is like? Is it the same as the Neverfull as it is part of the same range? I'm just curious:yes:
  2. It's the same one but without INVENTEUR logo (which in neverfull is on inside pocket). So just the striped canvas with flowers.
  3. ^ Yep same lining It's so pretty irl :yes:
  4. ah, good to know!
  5. It is just like the neverfull lining.
  6. I love it!
  7. Here's a pic:

  8. Oh it is so cute, I just love that little guy!
  9. how much stuff can fit in there?:wondering
  10. I'm using my mono one for school (not this T&B one but they're the same size) and it can fit my flip cell phone, cles with cards inside (stuffed to the max) and house keys, car keys, car remote attached to the chain, eye drops, and lip gloss inside.
  11. Ahhh i love this lining.
  12. Thanks for the pic, I didn't realise the lining was pretty like the neverfull.
    Oh I think I NEED one of these too.:sweatdrop: