Trunks and Bags Pochette/ all mini pochettes Chain

  1. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if the chain on the mini pochettes can be removed completely. Has anyone else managed to do it, if so please could you tell me how. I Really have no use for the chain and it's just getting tangled in my earphones in my bag. Thanks in advance.
  2. oops, I may have posted this in the wrong place, if I have, sorry! :shame::shrugs::confused1:
  3. No, I don't think you can remove the mini pochette chain without using maybe jewelery pliers to bend the "jump" ring. If you look at the pic, you'll see what I mean!

    But, a few tPFers have bought the "Accordeon" chain that had detachable clips on both ends. It's suppose to go with the Accordeon wallet, so if you can get your SA to order it as a "repair", then go for it! I think I might try to do this also!
  4. thanks for your advice. I think i might try it too!
  5. I think you could remove it.