Trunks and bags mini pouchette

  1. I think this is so cute but I don't know if I would really use it. I think it would be too nice to use as a makeup bag inside my purse and I am wondering if it is too small to use as a little purse. I have the mono pouchette already. For those of you that have this, do you ever use this as a handbag? If so, is it comfortable to put on your shoulder or is it too small? Thanks!
  2. Yes, it's small, but so cute!
    It's perfect to fit my Treo, DL, one CC and some cash.
    Right now, it's used to store all my keys for work and personal.

    DD9 also uses it when she's going to Sanrio to hold her cash. :smile:
  3. I use it as a handbag and i LOVE it!
    It's so cute esp the inside!
    It's not to small to put under your shoulder at all it looks very pretty and can fit ALOT.
    So get it :nuts:
  4. I have it, I've been using it for my camera.
  5. It's the same size as the mono mini-pochette. I use it to keep my powder compact, lipstick and some cards, eye pencil. Or a cellphone, lipstick and a thin compact. It 's definitely a handheld. If you do carry a lot of make-up, this would probably be too small for you....
  6. I have it and use it to hold kleenex, pen, and cell phone inside my larger purses. And when I go for a quick trip to the store I just throw my cc into it and use it as a purse.
  7. how much does it retail??
  8. $255 USD for the Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette. (The Mono mini pochette version is $215 USD.)

    Besides using it as a mini wallet with cash/credit cards, cell, lipstick, you can also use the mini pochette to hold extra business cards/receipts, misc. stuff that you carry with you that you don't want in your regular wallet.
  9. I just ordered mine last night. I use my azur mini pochette as a wristlet when I'm on the run and need something small to carry my cell, ID, phone, money & lipgloss. I also use it when I go out dancing.
  10. thanks. it is too cute!!! I don't know what to do!! Its like I just want it just to look at it, but I know its not practical for me. I haven't used my mono pouchette in like 5 years so I don't know if I would use this much! decisions decisions!
  11. i have an azur and it's a great little go-out bag since i can't carry large bags with me to the bar. i like attaching it to my belt loops :smile:
  12. I just bought mine. I am going to use it when I go out and don't want to carry a big bag.

    It can hold my cell, DL, CC, money and lipgloss.
  13. So you guys just convinced me and I got so excited and started to order this on elux and it is OUT OF STOCK!!!!!
  14. Oh no!! That's so sad! I hope you're able to get one sometime soon. I think it depends how big your arms are if you can throw it over your shoulder. I usually use mine inside one of my bags or to carry ccs, dl, lip gloss, etc for a quick run somewhere. I think it's adorable and practical. And if you look at my sig, one of my doggies likes it too!
  15. I think its really cute...god knows what i would use it for though!