Trunks and bags mini pochette

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  1. I tried searching for threads on this pochette but didn't find any that would answer my questions...

    Is the logo screen-printed on the bag (like the groom, cerises, etc.)? So, it will rub off eventually, right?

    Does it come in a regular pochette? Or just the mini?

    It will be released tomorrow and my store has a few. I want to pay for it now and pick it up tomorrow (I am willing to break my ban for it!'s just too cute!) but if it will rub off just like the groom collection, I think I'd rather get something else instead...:confused1:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I just got mine two days ago and absolutely love it!! It's soooo cute! It is printed on the canvas and I don't know about it rubbing off, but I certainly hope not! I use mine just for little cosmetics and stuff like that and keep it in my Alma/Manhattan/Speedy, so there's only little chance of abrasion. I don't know about the Groom items as I don't have one, but don't let it deter you from getting one!
  3. It's only in the mini pochette size. I think it's $255 UDS. Very cute!! Go ahead and break your ban!
  4. It's on eluxury right now. Search for "Louis Vuitton mini pouch".
  5. ^
    UNless LV changed their methods for this release (which I doubt) it will rub off as easily.
  6. Yes, the design will rub off eventually but not to a huge extent with normal, gentle use. I've bought some CB pieces recently and you can tell they had been used gently and maybe in one tiny place on the red/creme Cles there is a little chip, but it's just that, a chip. Even my Cerises Speedy is just about perfect and I use that one ALL the time. I have pieces from the Panda, Graffiti, Cerises, Cherry Blossom and Groom and if I had noticed that the designs got that worn off, I never would have bought another piece that was made similarly. So yup, with gentle use, it should be fine, the screen printed pieces are some of my favorites. :love:

    Anyway, yeah it only comes in the mini pochette unfortunately, I was hoping for the regular sized one as well. Retail as someone mentioned is $255.
  7. I think it's really cute! Planning on getting one for myself this week. ;)
  8. I have one and I adore it..Yes...with rough will prob rub off..But I take care of my bags extra HOPEFULLY that wont happen.
  9. Yah, the Mini Pochette for now. There's also a Cles, wallet and Mini Agenda to follow. They will also release a Damier version, the stamp is red. Hope that helps.
  10. the stamp in red would be hot! are all the stores aware of this new info? do you know when w e can expect the damier trunks and bags? :heart:
  11. My store (PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL) has the mini.
    It's very very cute! But way to small for my use.
  12. It is so cute.
  13. I am on the waitlist for one here BUT they have no idea when it will arrive .. I want one for inside my street pm and shoe bag is so cute:heart:
  14. It's on UK now...Lovely!
  15. yeah i think the mini pochette looks really good... and chic