Trunks and Bags Cles

  1. I think I read on the boards that a new Trunks and Bags cles was coming out this fall/winter. Does anyone know the release date? Thanks!
  2. out now
    T&B Cles.jpg T&B Walet.jpg

  3. Thanks for sharing !!

    WOW, i love it !! :yahoo:

    Is it release to worldwide?? I can't find it in others country website..
  4. it is worldwide but maybe the sites haven't been updated yet or perhaps UK got a little early
  5. Cute!!
  6. cant wait to see !
  7. Would LVoe to see the inside of the wallet.....
  8. Cute!
  9. woww it kinda looks like the zipper goes all the way down one end doesn't it. maybe i'm seeing things. lol
  10. Oh wow so cute! Love it!
  11. i want it!!!!

  12. This cles is sooooooooooo cute! im going to see if we have it in NZ
  13. very nice!
  14. That cles is so cute:love: