Trunk Stamp color of Azur....?

  1. Ok so now that we know the Trunks N Bag series have Beige stamp for mono, Red stamp for Damier, but would would the Azur line be?:nuts: will it carry the same color tone as Mono w/Beige, Navy Stamp? Or the contrast group like it's big sister Damier ebne?
    Either way, what color of Stamp will be cute for Azur line? I am thinking Red like Damier b/c it pops it more:drool: & i :heart: that color combo
  2. I can't wait till they come out they sound TDF i can't wait :smile:
  3. Are they even releasing the trunks line in Azur?
  4. I think yellow would look nice
  5. Hmmm... logical color would be blue for Azur.
    Prob another would be beige.
  6. i love that!
  7. HOLD UP!!! Is LV seriously releasing the "trunk" line on a grand scale. Are you guys sure they are going to have red on damier? That would be really interesting. What items are going to be released? when? I want some info people! :drool:
  8. ^ if im not mistaken, somebody mentioned here that it'll be out by november

    like that idea of a yellow trunk stamp in azur!!
  9. I think red and yellow are both great ideas for the trunk stamp! I can't wait to see the whole damier range with the stamp! Sounds awesome!!
  10. Yup, its in the look book already:yes: It's ubere cute, making Damier more feminine IMO. I am hoping they will release Trunks & Bags line in Azur, which I don't see the reason NO b/c Neverfull comes in Mono/Damier Ebne/Azur:nuts:
  11. so is this going to be LE or another line to add to the lineup? or are there pieces in this line that are going to be LE? TIA!! :smile:
  12. I would think Trunks & Bags will be along those LE, Seasonal or One time production lines b/c I see no point of it being perm as it's 90% similar to regular Mono/Damier/Azur.
  13. i would be a very happy chappy if they did Damier Azur with a blue T&B logo :yes:
  14. That's exactly what I thought after i realzied the Red T&B stamp only works for me but not BF, so it ruined my idea of 'sharing' Damier piece since he likes Damier too:sweatdrop:
  15. What kind of items are in the look book? Wallets, keepall, speedy? I had actually thought that the next best thing for MJ would be to do this, and now that it is comming out I am excited.