Trunk Show

  1. My SA called me yesterday to let me know about the upcoming Trunk Show they are having. I can't wait to go and see all the yummy things.
  2. Oo Sounds great!
    Have fun!
  3. My SA invited me to the one in Union Square on Tuesday night! My very first special in-store event!
  4. Congrats!! You will have fun.

    I get invited to most of the events locally and in the LA area.
  5. Oohh!! I hope it's the preview one. Don't forget your spy camera and post pics of the fall goods coming out !!!!
  6. Oh cool.
  7. Sounds fun, ours is next Friday.
  8. why can't we have Trunk shows? :crybaby:
  9. The SF Trunk Show is tonight and I am going to stop by. Apparently the focus will be on Limited Edition items for fall and winter. Oh boy!! Stuff I can't afford! But it will be cool to check it out in person. I will report back.
  10. I know!
    I wish we had them:sad:
  11. **Stamping my foot!**

    Why do we always have to be in San Francisco's shadow!! I don't like going to the city! But because it is so close, we don't usually have trunk shows at VF :sad:
  12. They do trunk shows and fashion shows in London :graucho:
    where in the UK r u located??
  13. i have never heard of any trunk shows in the UK stores.
    which have you been to?
    also, i thought LV only showed at paris fashion week
  14. I deal with Bond Street ,, they do Mini fashion shows ,, they did the F/W show in june(14th i think) ,, but i guess their very secretive about them ,, so SHush:p
  15. i didnt know that, i might have to deal with new bond street more often, i use that store or leeds as leeds is closer.