Trunk show this weekend at NM Fashion Island?

  1. Does anyone know if the trunk show is this weekend at Fashion Island? I read a post from someone saying they thought it was. I really want to go tomorrow! The trunk show for the Chanel boutique at South Coast Plaza is on February 14th – Valentines Day. I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy spending Valentines at Chanel, even though I’d be more than happy to do that! Is anyone else planning to go tomorrow?
  2. It was today, and tomorrow 10-2. I will try to get there tomorrow morning to order the red jumbo caviar classic and check out the cotton club tote. Please say hello if you see a petite asian girl carrying a black baby cabas!
  3. OOOH! The SCP Chanel trunk show sounds fun on Valentine's Day! It helps to have a husband who enjoys fashion as well!
  4. ocgirl: Will do, and thanks for letting me know it is in fact tomorrow. Yay!

    newportgirl: Lucky lucky you! My boyfriend likes fashion but doesn't see how I can spend so much $$$ on a bag, yet he has a thing for watches and spends just as much (if not more) on them. :shrugs: