Trunk Show Report From The Trenches!

  1. Hi everybody! okay, here it is, now I promise, no jokes, no unnecessary chit-chat by me (at lest, i'll keep it at a minimum :smile: , this is serious business, not unlike a State of the Union report :

    ok, today, trunk show at Saks at Town Center Mall, Boca Raton. There were maybe 15-18 new bags shown....interestingly enough, it seems as though Chanel is doing much more subtle logos for Spring '07, meaning the CCs were either small, or semi-hidden, only a few had them big and visible. The bags started at around $1,300+ but most were starting at $1850-1,900) (except for the adorable Naked Bag which i will describe below. I remember almost all of show....

    1. The "Naked Bag" is wonderful...$995, yes its clear plastic, BUT, the big gold CC on the front and classic gold chain shoulder straps make it a great mix of classic and fun. (This was one of the few bags with a big visible CC). I absolutely love it, in fact, am no. 2 on the list. Its only (only! lol) $995 and is a limited edition. I was told that it would be a big seller....(maybe that was just the SA's opinion, not sure) Size is great too, a little wider than the medallion tote, just a tad higher and it expands 'cause its clear plastic, so you can fit the world in there. Great for girls in retail who have to use a clear purse for security reasons, and it can also be lined with the black dust cover it comes with, or colorful scarf, for privacy to hide belongings. Very chic
    2. killer royal blue lambskin large (but not huge) classic shoulder bag with pocket on outside.....this one was being looked at alot.
    3. Not alot of caviar leather, mostly seemed like the purses were lambskin, not great for care but so gorgeous.
    4. There were alot of bags in bright colors: lemon yellow, red, orange, that were like the classic 255 flaps in size and general style......but with new little flourishes on them.
    5. The largest was a kelly green tote, quilted leather,,,,,with the silver CC charm dangling from zipper area (but charm not as big as the Coco Cabas charm) TDF! But i do not need another big vinyl Cabas took care of that ;)

    6. alot of classic chain shoulderstraps

    7. KILLER metallic gold tote in 2 sizes, medium ( you can still fit alot in) and large, the bottom part of the bag is the gold part and the top part around the zipper is goldish linen. Same bag comes in silver but instead of goldish linen, its white linen. The colored parts are quilted, large pattern.
    The metallic colors are subtle, not bright. This one I think is under $1,400 (for the smaller)
    8. By the way, Naked Bag also comes in a small size like the smallish 255 flap. But the bigger one is like a surprised i love it, but i do!
    small size would make an amazing evening bag............its quite classic, actually. Picture it with clear acrylic sandals like Stuart Weisman makes...(actually what am i saying, Chanel has a stunning pair of see-through sandals at the Trunk Show lol)
    PS Neimans trunk sale is first week of Feb. here....they will have different items.

    PPS No jewelry, but the SHOES were lovely....the new ballet flats/maryjanes are the sweetest things, my friend Gayle (Sasha's Mom on PF, new member) :yahoo: ) put her name on list for them immediately

    anyway, my pleasure telling you all this....waitlisted items will arrive no later than early March

    PPPS the pics on here this morning by PF member (i cant remember who but one of the regulars i think) were very great renditions of what was at show.....but no adorable no. 10, and no red,white,blue bag. Oh, perforated white jumbo flap is TDF. I crooned to it "Hello lover!" (am channeling Carrie again, in SITC episode when she saw Blahniks in store window lol)

    Claudia..............................and if anyone else is going to trunk shows please please share?

    PPPPS classy gentlemen circling around the custoers with champagne, water, etc.
  2. Purse-onality - thank you so much for sharing. So much good information. Such beautiful purses. The blue and the kelly green sound so lovely just from your description.

    Thanks for giving me good dreams...:drool:
  3. Wow! How did you remember all that ??? Awesome, THANKS!
  4. Thank you so much for your report! :yes: I've been dying for a green Chanel. Can you tell me, was this green tote structured (like the GST) or unstructured (more like the Cabas)? Any more details would be much appreciated!
  5. wow, can you tell me more about the red bag you see?? is that a flap bag?? what kinda red is that? OMG, I am dying to see them all!!!!!
  6. Just to add to Claudia's comments...

    In addition to the small gold tote (also in white and black patent) that can also be used as a clutch (shown in the second set of photos under another thread--but color is much better in person--I ordered it), there was a small killer bag that had all the different CC logos (not stitched on but attached like pins, but sewn)--$5000+, but as a collector's item, WOW.

    In addition to the bags and shoes, which I loved, I checked out the trunk show for the clothing, but to me, nothing too exciting.
  7. 7. KILLER metallic gold tote in 2 sizes, medium ( you can still fit alot in) and large, the bottom part of the bag is the gold part and the top part around the zipper is goldish linen. Same bag comes in silver but instead of goldish linen, its white linen. The colored parts are quilted, large pattern.
    The metallic colors are subtle, not bright. This one I think is under $1,400 (for the smaller)

    Trying to compare your description to the pics on the other thread. This bag must be the bag shown in photo #2 in the 2nd set of pics in that another thread.
  8. As to the colors and shapes from the other thread, "Moonlight" did a great job with the photos, so my comments are just for additional clarification.

    The blue in the first set of photos is a pretty accurate rendition of the color at the trunk show.

    The #7 bag that "Purse-onality" described is the second bag in the second set of photos, but the photo is very deceiving, since it does not show the colors - either the silver/off white linen combo or gold/beige-y linen combo.

    The small gold tote that I ordered is the 5th photo in the second set of photos, but the color is more golden, although not matte.
  9. Thanks for the great report! Sounds like you had a blast. What sort of red was the Flap?
  10. ok...lets see
    green tote was same shape but a little bigger, as Grand Shopper Tote..............i do not remember if it was open in the middle or had a zipper in middle and then open on each side of zipper like Grand Shopper

    the red was like Gayle said, tomato red......................very very attractive

    and the little purse with the Chanel charms on it was....................enough to make me fall on my knees and pray to some Being, i kid you not. A work of art,,,,simply gorgeous. I'd wear it around my neck on a velvet ribbon like a giant Chanel charm :love:

    anyone else with questions, please ask me (Claudia) or Maxaluna (Gayle)
    i might have a good memory but think hers is better!

    and Gayle,,when you said you were going upstairs at Saks, i didnt realize you were gonna check out Chanel clothes...............thank you, it woulda been too much for me rofl ;)
  11. thanks so much! I am dying for a large tote in a bright color ...anymore details about #2 and 5 above--structured /unstructure, simliar to..., other colors...Ugh! I wish I went with you!!
  12. I so wish there were pictures! The kelly green one sounds amazing, so does gold tote!

    EDIT: And the royal blue lambskin! I'm dying here! :drool:
  13. Following a private summit with Claudia, we came to the following conclusions

    1. The kelly green large tote is fairly structured, with, we believe, a center zipper section. It is not as structured as the grand shopper, but certain more than the Cabos. This tote only comes in the green (at least at Saks).

    2. The yellow she and I have referenced is most like the color of the smiley face icons -->

    3. There is one other bag that we did not describe. It is a rounded retangular bag (taller than wider), that has outside zippers on the front. Like some of the classic designs in the new colors, this bag has the perforations. It comes in the tomato red, yellow-y, and blue.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Maxluna- Do you remember if the blue bag was perforated? Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much!! anymore details on the royal blue one? what style does it most resemble? same questions as I had for the green one! thanks again!