Trunk Show in Palo Alto

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  1. Did anyone go to the trunk show in Palo Alto today?? I was looking forward to it ... but i have to work all 3 days :crybaby: .. Maybe it'll make me feel better if I get to hear about your guys' experience!
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  3. hey fancy, dont worry u didnt miss anything, there was a mixup and they could not show the bags today, although I heard some people who went in the morning were able to see all the bags. oh well...

    why dont u go to the NM SF trunk show, about 40min- 1hr closer to u right?
  4. I was there at 1130am and was not able to see the bags. I did go through the book and was able to list for bags. I am in soooo much trouble! The trunk show is tomorrow and Wednesday also.
  5. There were no bags today! Merchandise didn't come in. Going tomorrow...
  6. I was there around noon, went through the book and listed for a couple of bags. Most likely going back tomorrow to see the bags irl.
  7. anyone know when the SF NM one will be?
  8. Wow, I wouldve been disappointed driving two hours away and no purses! Tell me all about the goodies when you guys go! I will most likely be going to the trunk show in SF .. I believe its February 22 and 23rd? Right around my birthday ..... :yes:
  9. There is a gold reissue sitting on the shelf as well as a navy patent (medium size I think).
  10. This Thursday 1/18 and Friday, 1/19!
  11. I went today and put my name down for the navy patent luxury bowler, the new closure tote that looks like the ultimate soft, and the rock and chain, which they didn't have a sample of but i'd like to see.
  12. ^^ do they need your cc info when you put your name down?
  13. No, I just gave my name and phone number. No commitment.
  14. Went to the SF Neiman's show today and there were a few nice bags I would love to have!

    But I only put my name on the list for the Black Jumbo Classic Lambskin Flap with the new chain shoulder straps - WOOHOO!!! Retail is $1950
  15. is tommorrow the last day for SF trunk show? what times does the show start? crap...I have work until 5pm....ughh