Trunk Show Dates For Boston!!!

  1. Hello Bostonians and other New Englanders....I just got confirmation from my SA today that the dates for the Boston Trunk Show at Copley Galleria are February 10-11, 2007!! So now the question remains....who wants to organize a tPF meet?? ;)
  2. Hello? Anyone out there? Anyone interested in meeting? :wondering
  3. I'm in Boston, and I'll probably go!
  4. ok that's 2....:rolleyes:
  5. I'm in Boston! Very interested in meeting too! :yahoo:
  6. i'm in hartford, but maybe i can come out to boston for a day
  7. I'm going to be in Boston by way of Logan Intl.
  8. ok that's 4 or 5.....anone else? :whistle:
  9. Bump to the top....I'm trying to compile a list of people so we can organize a time. :yes:
  10. Um um um um um....ME!!!!!! Count me in!!! Let me check those dates and all that but omggg I would LOVE this!
  11. i too, would like to make it, if i can!
  12. Sounds wonderful! Do you need to have an invitation to the trunk show?
  13. No... But if we all want to meet fellow pfers. We need to organize a date and time.
  14. I'm in the area too! Sounds like fun - count me in!
  15. I vote for early afternoon (1ish?) on Sat. Feb. 10th....any other suggestions?