Trunk Show At Short Hills

  1. Went to Short Hills today so much fun great bags and accessories. I'm first on the list for the black patent bag what a great price and it's a good size the large is tremendous, thought I wanted that but it is way too big
  2. Congrats! The bag is actually vinyl and it's really wonderful in person - pretty big too.
  3. How long is it going on for?
  4. Someone here mentioned a trunk show at Short Hills...

    Where is it? Chanel, or Chanel/Nieman Marcus

    and When is it?

    Want to go!:heart:
  5. Saw the medium size black patent bag with silver hardware at Neiman Marcus San Francisco. Nice bag.
  6. Hi
    The trunk show was last Thurs. I did not go. Irina, SA , mentioned it to me when I was there on Monday. It was at Neimans. The next sale at the Chanel store will be Dec. (this is in the Short Hills Mall, NJ). Hope that helps.:yes:
  7. Congrats :smile:
    I went to the one down here and nothing really impressed me, unfortunately. Then again, maybe that's a good thing lol.
    I do like some of the upcoming jewelry though.