Trunk show at Short Hills March 2008

  1. I don't know if this was posted already but I wanted everyone to know that I stopped at the Chanel/Neiman Marcus today at the Short Hills Mall and the SA let me know about a trunk show that they are having in March on the 13th and 14th from 10am-5pm.

    I'm a LV gal myself but maybe I'll see you there :tup:
  2. Cool!
  3. i will be off my ban then.. I WILL BE THERE!!!!!! THANKS~
  4. Bump :wlae:
  5. OK, I know this is going to sound really stupid, but what exactly goes on at a trunk show?

  6. ^ They have displays of the bags coming out for Spring/Summer 2008 (Act I). You aren't allowed to buy any of these "teaser" bags. They then have reserve books for you to put yourself on for the items that you like. When the actual stock comes in later in the season, they'll pull names from the reserve books and give those people priority.

    Some bags sell out before they even hit the shelves. For instance, at Chanel Ala Moana they only got 3 of the washed caviar GST's (so far at least) and they sold out before they even got put on display because of people like me who were on the wait list.

  7. OMG, i wanna go!!! Wonder if they will have the dark red reissue?
  8. thanks for posting this!
  9. I'll be there! Can we organize a tPF get-together like last year?
  10. Yeah, that would be awesome. We should all get together and shop. lol
    Let's make it a date!!:yahoo:
  11. there's also one February 4 at the Nordstroms in the Topanga Mall (Southern CA).
  12. Ohhh, my SA at NM SH told me about this a while back... if I'm free, I'll try to make it. :smile: Thing is, I'm hoping to have the bags I want by then anyway haha, so I'm not sure what point there is in my going... but it's always fun to see and play with new bags... I'm like a kid in a candy store! :nuts:
  13. Good to know! :ty:
  14. :tup: Your welcome
  15. I'd love to meet at SH.