Trunk Show at NM

  1. Hi All!

    I just got back from the NM Boston Cruise trunk show. While there are some great looking bags coming our way, unfortunately, there wasn't anything that jumped out at me. There was the shiny silver (3) styles that were quite beauitful to look at. (the color/shine reminded me of the LV Miroir. I am sorry I didn't even think to ask the names of the bags.
    The only bag IMO that was awesome was this white (huge) hobo tote style with what seemed to be resin/plastic links that was for $2150. NM Boston won't be getting the white one...only in the black. The links kept unlinking though. It was easy to pop it back in...but for that price... :s

    In stock; they had the blue LB tote, the blk LB satchel, and a small blue LB flap.
    There was also the black calfskin flap bag with chain enameled details that eiffel21 has. NM also had the tote style in white of that same ligne. (I have the black one.)

    They also had the padded Envelope shoulder style in ivory and black. And the gorgeous Drop Chains.

    Quite a selection!!
  2. Thanks for the info, 4Kings! I don't think my local NM will be having a trunk show and they have yet to get the look book. :confused1:
  3. Shoot me now!!! I cannot believe I missed it, was it today only??
  4. ^^ I think it's 25 and 26 Oct, 10 am to 4 pm
  5. I saw this cute red flap with an orange trim - adorable!
  6. annettedp - I saw it too, it was cute. A tad small though. What did you think of the Walk of Fame flap in blue? I was hoping to see it in the coral shade. Also, did you like the white tote?
  7. Did they have the Chanel LA bag(with the red LA on the side)? I am wondering about the fabric and size...

    Did you see the pantent flap with chanel written on the side?

  8. Hi Noegirl05 -

    No, sorry, there wasn't any Chanel LA bag (great looking bag) or the patent flap w/ Chanel written on the side.

    Others were: the LAX (salmon, hand held ?) and the LAX (medium sized OTS tote and Melrose (patent degrading) and the Lucky Symbols...nice..

  9. Hi 4Kings! The Walk of Fame flap definitely caught my eye!! I absolutely love the texture and the funky-ness. I would love to see it in coral too, but right now I imagine that unique blue shade would be more striking! What other colors would that come in?

    I don't know remember exactly how the white tote is like... is it hobo style? I might have missed that cuz I've never really been a hobo girl :p But if it's really gorgeous I might be converted... hehe. Is it in any of the pictures in the trunk show thread in the main Chanel forum??
  10. Hi annettedp - As far as I know the colors are to be the blue and the coral. ldldb has a pic of it in the coral...very nice! :tup: I believe it comes in 2 sizes. We saw the small one. That is the right description for it..."funky-ness".

    It was a big hobo tote style, but not slouchy looking. I tried to look for a pic of it on the luck. The only downfall to the bag are those links. As much as I like the look of it...I can't get something that will periodically un-link.

    I did check out the pic for the Chanel LA bag that Noegirl05 asked likey!! :yes:

  11. ^^^ Yea I am in love with the LA bag... I really want to know the fabric and also see it in the GOLD version !!!