Trunk Show At NM Willow Bend Today

  1. I am going to see if I can sneak away from work for a LONG lunch today to get up to NM Willow Bedn today for trunk show. It may help me make decision on first bag or if they get any walletts or accessories I like. I will see if I can take any pics & pass along any news even though I am a newbie & don't have the lingo down pat yet. Boy got mixed reviews on perforated Drill tote so now I am really conflicted. Good day ladies.
  2. I'm so sad!!!:sad:
    This will be the 1st one I miss. . . I don't have help w/ my twins today:hysteric:
    I guess I should call Shannon or she'll think I had an accident! LOL!
    Can't wait to hear back. . . noegirl or KathyD, are you guys going?

    Tell Shannon and Kimberly, Amanda says HI!!!
  3. I sure will. I met Shannon Sunday & he was a doll & so aptient & accommodating.
  4. Shannon is female. . . she just had a baby named Zoe :biggrin:
  5. Please post pics of what you find over there :yes:. I really want to go to except I can't get there and back to work during my lunch hour!!
  6. I'm half tempted to drag my babies in a stroller. . . I can't stand the thought of missing it:cry:
    They will make me misrable though, even in a stroller they are still 3.5 yr old little boys. . . annoying anyone within earshot! LOL!
  7. Ah swanky, take em with you. Teach them while they're young how to make a woman happy. LOL. They can tell their Dad how they heard Mom squeal at the store today!!!!
  8. I ran up there at 10AM & went to work late so I had to do a power run. I did not take photos but I think everyone has seen most of the bags.

    What I covet is the jumbo with silver HW (the original 228 which is now A37591 $3495).

    NM WB is not getting this size in silver which I saw in smaller size. They had jumbo in blue which is gorgeous but not my color.

    So many beautiful bags.

    The rep told the SA (I did not see Shannon there) that she should call other NM's to get the bag for me particularly stores who have not had their trunk shows yet. The SA seemed to think that another store would not give theirs up or they would have wait lists. SA said she would call me.

    I decided that I might try calling Saks or Nordstrom's. I called one of the Saks stores and was told they have the bag on order in black (and blue) which is really what I wanted. I had asked at NM if it came in black & was told no. The Saks SA told me NM may not have ordered in black.

    The Saks SA said they are getting 4 & I would be #4 on the list.

    How do I make sure it's the same bag as the one I saw at NM?

    I know I saw a post somewhere that had all the styles & sizes & colors & prices. Can someone diret me to it?

    Is this true that some stores get certain colors & others don't. I would be surprised NM would not order in black.

    If I get the bag from Saks (I gave SA my CC#) & it's not the right one, I assume I can ship back & return?


  9. Sorry - it was a typo!

  10. I think we are having another trunk show at the end of the month. I work at Nm Wilowbend
  11. for bags? Chanel exclusively? Can you tell us your name? You can PM me, I'll tell you who I am too. . . if it's not obvious! LOL!

    I'm missing the big accessories luncheon next week, I'm so sad!:cry:
  12. oh! LOVE your Brooklyn bag BTW, I told Shannon I like them in person much more than photos. Great bag!:tup: